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We are a first-generation mushroom farm in central North Carolina 

  A family owned and operated farm in southern Davidson County purchased in 1993, our home is a constant work in progress, but a labor of love. The past few years became more stressful for me with a one-hour commute to work, so along with my family we decided to turn our home into a working farm. We have always enjoyed farming and gardening, so it has been a natural transition.

   Remodeling a nine hundred square foot building on our property proved to be an adventure but well worth the late nights and blisters. With my wife, Angie, and my son, Nathan, we managed to turn it into a clean, high producing grow house for hardwood-based specialty gourmet mushrooms. Now the building provides a temperature, humidity and Co2 controlled environment, so we can provide fresh mushrooms year-round to our customers and community.

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    Here at Mahalaville Farms, we start with MOSA certified organic mushroom spores from Field & Forest Products 


After mixing hardwood sawdust with supplements like wheat bran, cottonseed hulls, and just the right amount of water, we fill autoclavable grow bags with the mixture and sterilize for 8 to 10 hours. After the sterilization and cool down period, we inoculate our grow bags with different varieties of organic mushroom spores. We allow the spores to colonize the bags with mycelium until they are ready to fruit.

The mushrooms go to our fruiting room…

Our fruiting room is a temperature and humidity-controlled environment. We even control the CO2. Fresh air and LED lighting ensure year-round fresh, quality mushrooms.








The cleanest environment possible

The walls and ceilings in our fruiting and processing rooms are made of a non-porous PVC material. The entire facility has epoxy floors and the floors in the fruiting room are sloped to a center drain that eliminates standing and puddling water.

 We have a window between the fruiting and processing rooms, so the mushrooms are harvested, packaged, and refrigerated, in the most efficient and sanitary way possible. 



At Mahalaville farms we care about sustainability and the environment. We use byproducts from other agricultural industries; cottonseed hulls, soybean hulls, and hardwood sawdust to make our mushroom blocks.

We use certified organic mushrooms spores from Field and Forest Products to inoculate our blocks. After the blocks are finished producing fresh mushrooms, we turn them into our own brand of Mushroom compost. The compost can be used by gardeners as a soil amendment for flower beds and vegetable gardens. 

We designed our grow facility to be a controlled environment, so we do not need to use pesticides or harsh chemicals to keep pests away and our farm clean and healthy. By growing mushrooms indoors, we can bring fresh healthy mushrooms to our community no matter the season. We have installed all high efficiency equipment, all LED lighting and utilize natural lighting for low energy consumption, our humidity system turns pure water into a fine mist to keep humidity levels stable and water usage as efficient as possible. We work hard to keep our energy consumption to a minimum with little to no environmental footprint. Our process is ever evolving, and we are always looking for new ways to save energy and materials and be green and environmentally friendly.

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